Light Circuits

Automatic emergency lighting Circuit

This unit charges a nickel-cadmium battery from the mains to provide a standby power supply for emergency lighting in the event of a mains fail- ure. When the mains supply drops out, the light- ing […]

315 w class D amplifier circuit
Amplifier Circuits

315 Watt Class D Power Amplifier Circuit

This amplifier circuit is IC-based TAS5261. which system used is “bridge digital amplifier”. This amplifier has 315 Watt output per channel with an efficiency of 96%. With good efficiency, this amplifier is perfect for use […]

low impedance microphone amplifier circuit
Amplifier Circuits

Low Impedance Microphone Amplifier Circuit

This circuit is a microphone amplifier that has low impedance. Usually, a microphone with low impedance is in a dynamic microphone. This microphone amplifier circuit can work well at 6 VDC voltage up to 30 […]