Simple Audio Amplifier/Oscilator Circuit with Two Transistors

This circuit has two main functions, namely as an audio amplifier and as

Portable Headphone Amplifier Circuit Based 3 Transistors

This simple headphone amplifier circuit can be directly connected to other compact devices

315 Watt Class D Power Amplifier Circuit

This amplifier circuit is IC-based TAS5261. which system used is “bridge digital amplifier”.

Low Impedance Microphone Amplifier Circuit

This circuit is a microphone amplifier that has low impedance. Usually, a microphone

35W Audio Amplifier Circuit based LM391 IC

This circuit scheme is an audio amplifier that can produce 35 Watt output with small distortion. The core of this circuit is LM391 type IC. LM391 IC is a driver

2 Watt Amplifier Circuit Diagram Based Cheap Transistor

This amplifier circuit is designed for small usage, usually placed on small boxes as well. Sources of input that can be used for this amplifier include a CD player, walkman,

Bass Booster Headphone Amp Circuit

Bass booster headphone amp circuit is a circuit that can improve the quality of the music from your audio device. especially in low frequency (bass). Bass booster headphone amp circuit

Stereo Preamplifier Circuit With Bass Boost

Stereo preamplifier circuit is designed to amplify the CD players, tape recorders, MP3 player, etc. Stereo preamplifier circuit can provide a good enough gain to drive the power amplifier that

8 Watt Power Amplifier Circuit Based TDA2030

Usually an power amplifier circuit based TDA2030 designed to provide output power about 20 Watts. But the amplifier circuit design shown here is designed to provide power 8 Watt. The