100W audio amplifier based LM12CLK

100w audio amplifier based M12CLKThe 100W audio amplifier based LM12CLK is one of the amplifier circuits that can be assembled in a simple way. Although the construction is simple, but the generated power can reach 150 Watts on 2 ohm loudspeaker and 100 Watts at 4 ohm loudspeaker load.

LM12CLK is a monolithic IC which belong to the medium Power amplifier classification. With a power output of 100 Watts, the resulting distortion is not too big, which is only 0.01%, so the amplifier circuit is suitable for Hi-Fi audio amplifier.

Some of the best features which can be obtained from the IC LM12CLK is the output current limiter, dynamic safe-area protection, thermal limit, and Input Protection.

The L coil on the circuit made with 14 rounds of number 18 AWG wire wrapped around an air core diameter of 1 inch. Capacitors are used Elco the suggested use 50V voltage in order to avoid things that are not desirable.

100W audio amplifier power supply

Power supply used for 100W audio amplifier based LM12CLK must be symmetric with working voltage of +/- 24VDC. While the current recommended is 5 Ampere. Of the circuit as the image seen some Elco capacitors arranged in parallel to minimize the hum. While a 100nF ceramic capacitor serves to prevent high-frequency entrance to the circuit.

100 W audio amplifier parts list :

R1 : 1 k
R2 : 1.1 kΩ
R3 : 3.3 kΩ
R4 : 2.2 Ω

C1 : 2.7 nF
C2 : 4700 uF
C3 : 4700 uF

D1 : 6A2
D2 : 6A2

Other parts:
4 Ω speaker SPK