100W Audio Amplifier Circuit based M12CLK IC

100w audio amplifier circuit based M12CLK icAlmost all of the audio amplifier circuit using IC as the main amplifier for producing small dimensions. Audio amplifier circuit shown here using M12CLK IC, which is an amplifier IC Op-Amp is already integrated.

This audio amplifier circuit can generate 150 Watt output at 8 ohm loudspeaker loads. But it is recommended to use a loudspeaker with 4 ohm impedance as it will be more stable during operation. Amplifier circuit can generate an output of 100 Watts at 4 ohms load.

To run this audio amplifier circuit, is needed 24 VAC the transformer with 5A current. If this audio amplifier circuit will be created stereo amplifier, the current of transformer is required 10A. Diode of power supply that is should use 15A current to prevent more load.100w-audio-amplifier-circuit-based-M12CLK-ic-parts

Inductor L is making with wire nr many as 14 turns, and spaces are 1. For all capacitors must use at least 50V. Do not forget to add a heatsink on the IC M12CLK because it will be hot during operation.