10W TDA2003 Amplifier Circuit

10w tda 2003 amplifier circuit10W TDA2003 amplifier circuit has simple construction, and it cool works maksimum for general audio purposes. 10 watt TDA2003 amplifier circuit based work with a single resource between 12VDC to 18VDC, ideally you can use +15VDC voltage source.

This amplifier circuit capable of providing an output of 10 Watts at 2 ohm loudspeaker loads on the working voltage of 18VDC, which one maximum distortion level of 10%. In the circuit shown here is a singlet mode. If the amplifier circuit is assembled with bridge mode construction, you get twice power output from single mode.

One of the advantages of this amplifier is a simple construction, as well as amplifier based TDA2002. If you want a slightly better quality, you can use the loudspeaker load of 4 ohms or 8 ohms, but the output is released will be lower, which is 6 watts to 4 ohm loudspeaker loads and 3 watts for 8 ohm loudspeaker loads.

10W TDA2003 amplifier circuit designed for general audio that do not require high power for the audio room. 10W TDA2003 amplifier circuit are also widely used in car audio given the high mobility. One disadvantage of this amplifier is distortion levels are still high, but it can be overcome by using a larger loudspeaker impedance.

The circuit shown here in accordance with the recommendations of the datasheet tda2003 IC’s so it is guaranteed to work well. Capacitor C1 serves as the DC coupling between the output source to the amplifier input. R1 and R2 serves to adjust the gain of the amplifier. RC connector will join of pin 2 and pin 4 can be used as upper cut off frequency. If you want to use upper cut off frequency, please add a 39 ohm resistor and 39nF capacitor connected in series.

Note when you assembling 10W TDA2003 amplifier circuit, please use PCBs are of good quality with sufficient grounding. IC TDA2003 should use a heatsink to prevent component damage because over heat when it was working optimally.