12W Audio Power Amplifier Based FET

12w audio power amplifier based FET

This audio power amplifier circuit has low power output, but the resulting sound quality is excellent. NE5534 IC has high speed and very low distortion, therefore the IC NE5534 is configured to function as a pre-amp.

The input signal that has been amplified by IC NE5534, followed by the final level of the amplifier by v-mosfet transistor technology. Diodes D3 and D4 function for input to Q1 and Q2 of phase.

In order for this audio power amplifier circuit can work well, it needs 25V symmetrical voltage power supply, with the current of 2 Ampere. With the circuit configuration as seen in the picture, this amplifier circuit is capable of producing 12 watts at 4 ohm load.

Technical Specifications of 12W Audio Power Amplifier Based FET

  • Output Power – 12W in 8Ω (max)
  • Input sensivity – 3.2V rms (max)
  • T.H.D – 0.002% (1KHZ)
  • Frequency Response – DC – 100 KHZ (-3dB)

12W Audio Power Amplifier Based FET Part List:

  • R1= 33Kohm
  • R2= 6.8Kohm
  • R3= 22Kohm
  • R4= 100Kohm
  • R5-7= 1Kohm
  • R6= 330ohm
  • R8-11= 10Kohm
  • R9-10= 0.47ohm 2W
  • C1= 1nF 63V
  • C2-5= 47uF 40V
  • C3-4= 100nF 63V
  • C6= 4.7pF ceramic
  • C7-8= 100uF 40V
  • D1-2= 18V 0.5W zener
  • D3-4= 1N4148
  • IC1= NE5534
  • Q1= 2SK135
  • Q2= 2SJ50