15 W Class B Audio Amplifier Circuit

15w class B audio amplifier circuitThis audio amplifier circuit is a class B 15 Watt amplifier designed with operational amplifier (OpAmp) and transistors. This amplifier circuit has a simple construction, which is the main component only use LM833 IC and transistors TIP41 and TIP42.

IC LM883 is one of the popular IC, which consists of the LM833 dual operational amplifier with low distortion levels in the audio amplifier applications.

The Class B audio amplifier circuit can generate output 15 Watt at 8 ohm speaker. While the power supply voltage is needed is a symmetrical voltage +/- 12VDC.

Each operational amplifier contained in IC LM833 has a different function. IC1a serves as a buffer (buffer), while the ICB serves as an inverter mode and negative feedback. TIP41 and TIP42 power transistor works with a push pull system of class B. D1 serves to provide voltage 0.7 V at the end of the level power amplifier, while the C2 serves to protect the D1 bias voltage to avoid heavy surge of output IC1b.

15 W Class B Audio Amplifier Circuit Notes:

  • We recommend that this amplifier circuit mounted PCB with good quality to avoid isolation.
  • IC mounted using a socket.
  • This audio amplifier circuit using symmetrical power supply with a voltage + 12V. and -12VDC.
  • Potentiometer P2 is used to adjust the gain (volume).
  • The maximum allowable voltage should be no more than 16VDC.
  • Use a good heatsink on the transistor TIP41 and TIP42 to distribute heat evenly.