15 Watt Power Amplifier Circuit Based TBA8215

This amplifier circuit can produce a 15 Watt output on 4-ohm speakers. Which amplifier IC is not only suitable for use in-room audio, it is also suitable for car audio because the circuit is very complete and the supply voltage only 12VDC.

This amplifier series is based on IC TA8215 from Toshiba. This IC is very popular so it’s not difficult to find in online stores. Pin 9 IC is the Vcc for the internal IC pre-amplifier. While pins 13 and 14 are the ground of the internal IC. For more details, you can visit the IC TA8215 datasheet. Pin 5 connected to ground through a 10-ohm resistor works to reduce noise.

15 watt power amplifier

100 uF capacitors to decoupling DC voltage from entering the circuit. On the Output speaker, there is a resistor and capacitor needed to increase reliability at high frequencies. While the potentiometer works as a volume regulator on the input channel to match the desired gain level.

When you are going to make this amplifier, choose a good quality PCB to get the right sound quality, and avoid interference or noise due to the path on the PCB that is less quality.+12VDC supply can be taken from the power supply or car battery. IC TBA8215 must be given sufficient heatsink. Because this amplifier is very simple, it can be used as a universal amplifier.