20W Stereo Amplifier Based LM1876

20w stereo amplifier based lm187620W stereo amplifier based LM1876 circuit has two channels, each channel can generate an output of 10 watts RMS, so the two channels of 20 watts. This circuit is suitable for use on a computer audio amplifier.

The circuit as in the picture is made in one channel, but the channel does not make any difference and identical to each other, the only difference being the pin of the IC. LM1876 is an IC that has integration with the exact same two amplifiers based operational amplifier, LM1876 features a mute mode and standby mode.

An input signal level which has been conditioned, will be fed to the non-inverting input of the op-amp. At the output of op-amp that generated feedback to the input section so as to form a feedback network. From the design looks that this amplifier circuit does not require bootstrap capacitor network.

The 20 watt stereo amplifier based lm1876 circuit require symmetrical operating voltage +/- 28 volts with a current of 2 Ampere. In order for the circuit to work properly, it is advisable to use a power supply that has to be well regulated to minimize noise disturbances like hum (hamming) and others.