25 Watt Power Amplifier Circuit Based IC TDA2009

This amplifier circuit uses a TDA2009 IC that can produce output of 25 Watt RMS at a 4-ohm loudspeaker load. TDA2009 is an IC for amplifiers that operate on class AB Hi-Fi.

Actually, in this IC there are dual amplifiers specifically designed to produce excellent audio quality. On each internal IC, there are dual amplifiers, each of which produces 12.5 Watts per channel.

In addition, the TDA2009 IC also features protection against short circuit, thermal protection, and output overload protection. One of the advantages of IC TDA2009 based amplifiers is that they do not require multiple power supply supplies.

25 watt power amplifier

Some things that must be considered in assembling this amplifier do not provide a supply voltage of more than 24 volts, because it will run the IC. The recommended power supply current is 5A.

TDA2009 must use enough heatsinks. If you want to use a potentiometer as volume control, it is recommended to use a 10kohm potentiometer. All capacitors used in the circuit must be above 25 Volts.