260W Power Audio Amplifier Circuit

260W power audio amplifier circuit

This 260W Power Audio Amplifier Circuit is a medium power amplifier that has a range of audio far enough. This 260W Power Audio Amplifier Circuit able to burn 8ohm speaker with power 260Watt rms.

First audio input signal will be amplified by a differential amplifier consisting of a transistor BC556C. Further gain will be continued at a next stage, the part of drivers consisting of transistor BD139. Driver section serves to strengthen the signal from the first stage amplifier so that the signal level sufficient to drive the end stage amplifier.

All existing transistors in an amplifier circuit is to be mounted on a heatsink, except BC556C transistor. Heatsink function is to prevent overheating due to heat during operation. In addition to prevent overheating, also to increase the functionality heatsink grounding to prevent the entry of unwanted noise.

This 260W Power Audio Amplifier Circuit requires symmetrical voltage +/- 45VDC with current 4 A for each channel. If the circuit will be created stereo amplifier, the current required is 8 Amperes.

Use a good power supply to operate with this amplifier circuit. If the power supply is used poorly, then many distractions that will happen, like the hum of excessive loudspeaker. For that use a large capacitor as 10.000uF Elco.