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Stereo Preamplifier Circuit With Bass Boost

Stereo preamplifier circuit is designed to amplify the CD players, tape recorders, MP3 player, etc. Stereo preamplifier circuit can provide a good enough gain to drive the power amplifier that is less sensitive. Many of these devices

Portable Mic Preamp Circuits with Transistors

This portable mic preamp circuits uses only two transistors as an amplifier. In addition, the mic preamp circuits requires a very low supply current, only just 2mA. Because the current absorbed mic preamp circuit is very small,

Simple Mic PreAmp Circuits based LM358

This mic preamp circuits based LM358 has a very simple construction, which is where the main amplifier of this preamp is quite popular Op-Amp, that is LM358. This mic preamp circuits based LM358 is very easy to

Condenser Mic Preamp Circuits + Amplifier

Condenser Mic Preamp Circuits has a fairly simple construction, which is specific amplifier for condenser mic. In addition to simple, Condenser Mic Preamp Circuits has a very good audio quality. The power generated by this amplifier circuit

2x4W Stereo Tube Amplifier Circuit

This 2x4W stereo tube amplifier circuit is built not using transistors, but with a tube. With a circuit that looks like in the picture, this amplifier can generate 4 watts power for each channel. Amplifier circuit with

Balanced Microphone Preamp Circuit

Whether it is for public address or for a band, a karaoke, microphone connection to an amplifier is a basic requirement. this Balanced Microphone Preamp circuit includes a 3-band equaliser and can be used to drive a guitar amplifier, any stereo

100 W Audio Valve Amplifier Circuit

This 100 W Audio valve Amplifier Circuit can produce up to 100 watts output with excellent audio quality. The amplifier circuit consists of a set of vacuum tubes. For the audiophile, vacuum tube amplifier is something special.

Guitar preamp Circuit based FET

This Guitar preamp Circuit based FET can strengthen the spool guitar quite well and can distribute the signal through a long guitar cord. this Guitar based FET preamp circuit has a high input impedance and low output

Audio Compressor Circuit Based LF357

This audio compressor circuit based LF357, which versatile circuit serves to raise the average output power an AF amplifier. Its simplicity makes it suitable for applications in intercom systems, public address and discotheque equipment, and also in