Headphone Audio Amplifier based Two Transistors

headphone audio amplifier based two transistorsHeadphone audio amplifier based two Transistors circuit is very easy to build and have gained enough to to drive the headphone speakers. Audio headphone amplifier circuit consists of two main components which use transistors, namely transistors type 2N3565 and 2N3706.

Transistor in this circuit is structured in Darlington, where the gain will be much better than two-level construction. VR1 is a variable resistor that serves to adjust the gain of the input audio signal.

Types of headphones are suitable for This audio amplifiers Headphones are headphones that have an impedance of 32ohm to 64ohm. The voltage required to run the audio headphone amplifier is 9VDC, making it suitable for supplied by a 9V battery pack.

Parts list of Headphone Audio Amplifier based Two Transistors:
R1 : 100K
R2 : 47 ohm
R3 : 4,7K
C1 :0.47uF
C2, C3 : 470uF
VR1 : 50K
Transistor : 2N3565 and 2N3706