Hi-fi Headphone Amplifier Circuit Based LF356 IC

This 1 Watt amplifier can be used as a headphone amplifier which has a pretty good quality. This amplifier circuit is suitable for use on headphones that have low impedance.

Besides, this amplifier output can be used as a larger steering wheel. You will be surprised to hear the sound quality from this headphone amplifier because it has low noise.

This headphone amplifier consists of the OpAmp LF356 IC as a steering wheel and uses a push-pull transistor as the final amplifier. Resistors R1 and C2 function to limit the rate of change in the input signal. Because it uses IC LF356, this circuit produces very low distortion and noise values. This is of course very good.

hi-fi headphone circuit
Hi-Fi headphone Amplifier circuit diagram
Hi-Fi headphone Amplifier pcb layout

When the circuit has no input signal, the transistor absorbs the only 30mA of current. The D1-D4 and R7-R8 diode circuit configurations will ensure that the crossover distortion produced by the transistor will be very low. From this amplifier circuit design, the distortion generated with 3dB bandwidth from 10Hz to 30kHz frequency only reaches 0.1%.

This amplifier circuit can produce a maximum power of 1 Watt on 8 ohms loudspeakers with 500 mVrms input signal. For the circuit to operate long, the transistor must be given a piece of heat sinks. don’t forget to provide good insulation between the transistor and the cooler.

The power supply is a simple matter, you can use a battery as a power source. You can also use a 0.5 Ampere transformer with a 6-10 VDC power supply. Use a 1000uF electrolyte capacitor to minimize buzzing.