Simple Hulda Clark’s Zapper Circuit with 555 IC

This circuit was originally designed in 2003 by using IC 555 as a 30kHz square wave frequency generator. The red LED lights up immediately when the circuit is turned on. The output of this circuit in the form of square pulses as a regular electric shock control, or according to the needs of the electronics hobby.

Hulda Clark's Zapper Circuit

Basically, this circuit is used for the therapeutic treatment of disease. Namely by holding both probes in both hands for 10 minutes, then rest for 20 minutes.

Repeat this 3 times every day. So after doing this therapy is believed to prevent various diseases. This was revealed by a doctor from Even herpes and AIDS can be cured by running this therapy.

D Hulda Clark is believed to be a complete shaman. For more details, you can find out this person from many articles on the internet. But basically, I am still confused about how 9V power sources with certain pulses can prevent certain diseases in the body. This of course still needs to be done and research is still being debated. But if you want to try it doesn’t hurt too.