Sound activated flip-flop circuit based op-amp

This circuit is a digital flip-flop whose output will change to a compilation controlled using sound. Therefore the input used is a condenser mic because it is known to have high sensitivity.

The op-amp IC used in this circuit is the LM324 IC. This IC serves to strengthen the signal input from the condenser microphone. Besides, the LM 324 IC functions as a level detector, which regulates the microphone’s electrical signal higher than the op-amp’s reference voltage, and uses the CD-2727 flip-flop IC. Thus, IC 4027 output will always be ready to be compiled.

Sound activated flip-flop circuit

Part list:

R1, R2, R3, R7 = 10k
R4 = 1M
R5, R8 = 100 ohm
R6 = 100k
R9 = Trimmer Potentiometer 5K

IC1 = LM324
IC2 = CD4027
C1 = 100uF/16V
C2 = 100nF/16V
C3 = 0.47uF/16V
C4 = 1uF/16V
C5 = 100nF

M1 = Condenser mic

When assembling this circuit, use a good quality PCB. This package can be operated with a battery or power supply. To Avoid Damage, it is better to use an IC holder. Resistor.