Amplifier Circuits

35W Audio Amplifier Circuit based LM391 IC

This circuit scheme is an audio amplifier that can produce 35 Watt output with small distortion. The core of this circuit is LM391 type IC. LM391 IC is a driver devoted to driving the transistor-based […]

8 watt power amplifier circuit based TDA2030
Amplifier Circuits

8 Watt Power Amplifier Circuit Based TDA2030

Usually an power amplifier circuit based TDA2030 designed to provide output power about 20 Watts. But the amplifier circuit design shown here is designed to provide power 8 Watt. The design of the power amplifier […]

12w audio power amplifier based FET
Amplifier Circuits

12W Audio Power Amplifier Based FET

This audio power amplifier circuit has low power output, but the resulting sound quality is excellent. NE5534 IC has high speed and very low distortion, therefore the IC NE5534 is configured to function as a […]

40 watt class a amplifier circuit
Amplifier Circuits

40 Watt Class A Amplifier Circuit

The class A amplifier circuit is one of the amplifier that has the best audio quality. Class A amplifier circuit is shown here can give a maximum power of 40 Watts / 8 ohms. In […]

motorola amplifier circuit
Amplifier Circuits

Motorola Amplifier Circuit (HiFi)

This motorola amplifier circuit has a Hi-Fi quality was excellent. This amplifier circuit can generate a maximum power of 80 Watts RMS at 8 ohm loudspeaker load. Basically amplifier is reinforced with an Op-Amp which […]

80w audio amplifier circuit using TDA7295
Amplifier Circuits

80W Audio Amplifier Circuit using TDA7295

This 80 Watt audio amplifier circuit uses IC TDA7295 as its main strength. The advantage of using an audio amplifier IC is a much simpler construction. IC TDA7295 is one that is popular with many […]

current corrected audio amplifier circuit
Amplifier Circuits

Current Corrected Audio Amplifier Circuits

The majority of modern audio amplifier circuits, AF power amplifiers drive the loudspeaker(s) with a voltage that is simply a fixed factor greater than the input voltage. It is fairly evident, therefore, that the power […]

mini audio amplifier circuit
Amplifier Circuits

2 Watt Mini Audio Amplifier based Transistors

This mini audio amplifier circuit is designed for low power audio amplifier with small dimensions such as CD player, iPod, Walkman, computers and others. The circuit shown here is a single channel, if you want […]