Amplifier Circuit Based STK442-090

The STK442-090 amplifier circuit is an integrated or hybrid circuit (GIS). The STK442-090 amplifier circuit is also a microassembly. Microassembly is an integrated circuit that is connected within a volumetric surface of the substrate. Inside there are several components such as transistors, semiconductor diodes, inductors, including resistors and capacitors.

Simply put, The STK442-090 is also called a hybrid component, because if you disassemble this IC, it will be clear that some components of transistors, resistors, diodes, and others are very small in size.

The STK442-090 is made and developed by SANYO Japan, where the company is renowned for its reputation for manufacturing high-precision amplifiers. STK series ICs are famous for their high accuracy, and very low distortion levels.

No wonder if you buy the original STK442-090 it will cost quite a bit. But now a lot of The STK442-090 are fake and sold at a very cheap price.

Here is the circuit schematic of The STK442-090 amplifier circuit.

STK442-090 has stereo gain and operates in class AB mode. Consists of 14 pins and has a compact size. If you are going to build this amplifier, there are a few things you should pay attention to.

  1. Resistors marked (*1), have a 5-Watt SQP and a value of 0.33 ohms.
  2. The greater the value of the capacitor in the power supply, the better the result. I suggest at least using a capacitor with a minimum value of 1000uF/50 Volt.
  3. Choke turns at the output (3 uH) can be made by winding a 4.7 ohm 2Watt resistor, enamel wire diameter 0.8mm.
  4. The STK442-090 circuit above functions optimally at 6-ohm speaker impedance.
  5. PCB shape and component layout can be adjusted to the creativity of the maker.