Stereo Power Amplifier Circuit Based BA5417 IC

IC BA5417 is an IC that is used for stereo audio amplifier with many features such as thermal cover, standby function, soft clipping, wide voltage range, and protection loudspeakers. IC can produce 5 Watt output per channel with 4-ohm loudspeaker impedance. The recommended voltage is 12 volts. According to the datasheet, BA5417 can produce excellent sound quality with a very low distortion of no more than 0.1% at 1kHz frequency.


The working principle of this stereo amplifier circuit is quite simple. C10 and C11 Capacitors work to separate DC so that the DC voltage does not enter the IC signal input. Whereas C2 and C6 will block the DC voltage rather not into the loudspeaker output.

ba5417 power amplifier

C1 and C5 Capacitors are bootstrap capacitors to increase input impedance. Components R1, C3, R2, and C7 are networks for increasing high frequency. Filter capacitor C4 is only for power supply. Switch S1 works as a standby switch. Amplifiers R3 and R4 function as internal feedback for the reinforcement amplifier of the amplifier.

The amplifier circuit can be supplied with a voltage between 6 Volts to 15 VDC. But the recommended voltage is 12 VDC. To avoid noise and interference, the power supply must be well regulated. In addition, when the BA5417 IC is going to be very hot, a good heatsink must be installed.