Headphone Amplifier Circuit Design Based Transistors

headphone amplifier circuit design based transistorsThis Headphone Amplifier Circuit Design Based Transistors is one of the many designs headphone amplifiers. However, the circuit presented here has several advantages compared with the general headphone amplifier circuit.

This Headphone Amplifier Circuit has a gain adjustment via potentiometer P1. Note that the circuit shown above is a series of one channel (mono). If you want to arrange in stereo, then the circuit must be made two, and a potentiometer used to be stereo type.

This headphone amplifier circuit can deliver an output of approximately 1 watt. The current required to operate this circuit is 350mA. Potentiometer P2 is set such that the voltage between the junction of R13 and R14 is 50% of the power supply voltage.

Because when the headphone amplifier circuit, transistors T5 and T6 will be heat. It required a heatsink for both transistors.