15W Headphone Bridge Amplifier

15W Headphone Bridge AmplifierThis amplifier circuit works by the principle of bridge amplifier, where two amplifiers are used as one without any ground connected to speakers. The bridge amplifier can amplify doubled gain as compared to the usual amplifier circuit.

This circuit can generate 15 Watt output at 4 ohm speaker. The distortion level of this amplifier circuit is equal to 1%. The power supply needed for this amplifier circuit is a 18VDC single power supply.

In assembling this amplifier, IC TDA2002 should be give heatsink so as not to overheat which can cause damage the circuit.

15 W headphone bridge amplifier Parts list :

R1, R2 : 470 ohm
C1, C4 : 2,2 uF
C2 : 10 nF
C3 : 10 uF
C5 : 100 uF
C6 : 100 nF
U1 : TDA 2002