40 Watt Class A Amplifier Circuit

40 watt class a amplifier circuit

The class A amplifier circuit is one of the amplifier that has the best audio quality. Class A amplifier circuit is shown here can give a maximum power of 40 Watts / 8 ohms.

In a class A amplifier circuit, the current will always flow and no standby current. A class amplifier has advantages and disadvantages compared to the amplifier circuit class B or class AB.

Amplifier class A average absorb high current during continuous, but the advantage is we’ll get the best audio quality with very low distortion.

Amplifier circuit has a fairly simple construction. At first glance the circuit design looks no different from the amplifier circuit in general. T1 and T2 is a differential amplifier that serves as the pre-amplifier. Transistor Darlington final stage arranged to generate a higher current gain.

When assembling the class A amplifier circuit, you need to set up power supply good quality and large heatsink. Because this amplifier produced maximum heat at the time of signal amplifier flowed or not flowed the audio signal.

40 Watt Class A Amplifier Circuit Part List

R1=10ohmR19-20 =0.68ohm 5W 5%T1-2=MPSL01
R2-16 =2.2KohmR21 =10ohm /1W 5%T3=2N5248 – J204 – BF245C
R3-9= 10KohmC1=330 pF 100V 5%T4-5=MPSL01
R4-6 =330ohmC2-4=220 uF 16VT6=MPSL01
R5-11-12 =470ohmC3=39 pF 100V 5%T7=MPSL51
R7=680ohmC5-6=100nF 100VT8-9=PMD16K100 Lambda 2N6284 RCA
R8-13= 100ohmC8-9=100nF 100V
R10= 4.7KohmC7-10=220 uF 63VT10-11=PMD17K100 Lambda 2N6287 RCA
R17-18 =0.68ohm /  5W 5%TR1=1k2 TrimmerALL Resistors is  1% metal film